Crazy for Quitting

I need to be okay with my feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal by a lifestyle lie.

Conflicted by guilt, silence and a strong sense of emphathy, I neglect the wounds inflicted on me no matter how understandable the situation was.

This explains a lot.

A colleague asked me why did I come home?

I said I wanted to give this country a chance.

He said. I disagree. You want to give your family a chance, you want to give yourself a chance.

Those words struck me like thunderclaps.

I am mentally exhausted and I just realised why.

In the last 18 months, I have suffered through two demanding jobs and now working the third, I have moved countries, and gone through two break-ups of which the first was mentally more traumatising than the latter.

It is no wonder that my current life quest is the move to status quo. To a manageable routine, to stability and to be honest - to monotony.

My soul needs a time-out.

I truly believe in the event of darkness, the universe open up its arm to catch you and guide you through.

You just need to open your eyes to look for the clues.

Yesterday I came across the last copy of ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran at the bookstore. I took it as fate and devoured its pages most earnestly.